Programs for Boys Junior High Schools


The physical and mental changes that growing young men experience can sometimes be difficult or problematic. The program includes three meeting in the classroom in which we will understand the different challenges, develop healthy communication, empathy, assertiveness, self-assurance, and peer pressure.


Programs for

Elementary Schools.


Prevention programs in Elementary Schools (1st-6th grade) include preparatory meetings to define the needs of the school.The program is made up of three workshops with the teachers, A lecture for the parents, Workshops in each classroom, A concluding performance including theatrical skits, music, song and humor for the entire school

Programs for Girls

Junior High Schools


So that our Sexual development will be a special and positive experience we need to learn more about safety. In three workshops we will focus on communication, boundaries, self-image and acceptance, assertiveness, peer pressure and healthy friendship. We will learn how to identify sexual harassing behaviors and what to do in such an event.

Parent Education- Sexuality and Prevention


Four Four meetings in which we will learn tools to become potential guardians of our children. How can help our children to be more open and communicative with us? We will learn how connect and educate in each stage of our children's sexual development, how to acquire and deliver responsible knowledge and how to create clear educational statements regarding sexual issues.

School staff training- Sexuality and Prevention


In the staff program we will develop open communication and learn how to become active guardians and potential addresses for our student's questions and problems regarding sexual issues.Healthy sexual development, Signs for, problems or abuse, Communication, Media and internet, accountability, How we can make our classrooms and schools safer.

Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs for Communities 


Stopping child sexual abuse is the responsibility of the entire community. The program includes workshops with the parents and the children of each age-group, concluding with a performance for the entire community. We can raise the awareness of the unacceptability of child sexual abuse and learn what we can do to decrease and even prevent abuse.

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