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Programs for Pre-Schoolers 


Preschool is an opportunity to educate our children about healthy sexuality and rules regarding safety rules.This is the time to develop an initial perception of privacy, personal space, vision, capability to cope with difficulties and the importance of sharing experiences with their parents. The program includes lectures and workshops for preschool & kindergarden staffs and workshops with the parents and their children.


Programs for

Elementary Schools.


Prevention programs in Elementary and junior high Schools (1st-8th grade) consist of three workshops with the teachers, A lecture for the parents, Workshops in each classroom, A concluding performance including theatrical skits, music, song and humor for the entire school.

In the school program the staff will develop tools for open communication and learn how to become active guardians and potential addresses for student's questions and problems regarding sexual issues and healthy sexual development and thus make the environment in classrooms and schools safer.

Programs for Adolescents/ High Schools


So that our Sexual development will be a special and positive experience we need to learn more about healthy sexuality, different challenges and safety rules. In three workshops for students and lectures for the parents& staff we will focus on communication, boundaries, self-image and acceptance, assertiveness, peer pressure and healthy friendship. We will learn how to identify abusive sexual behaviors and what to do in such an event.

 -Conservative Sectors
Jewish Orthodox & Arab


In conservative communities, it is very important to address the cultural sensitivity of each community. The goal is to be aligned with the various elements in the community, to identify appropriate people in the school / community who will lead the process and build a series of lectures and workshops for parents, school staffs, adolescence, children and preschoolers with the appropriate sensitivity and thus increase the sense of sexual safety and ability to share experiences with responsible adults. Our staff for these communities consists of professional counselors from within these sectors.

-Internet Safety 
Kids & Families


The Internet has many advantages but also creates various challenges for children. Reaserches show that young children are exposed to abusive content of all kinds on the web. As responsible adults it is necessary to initiate digital education from an early age, understand the virtual world children are exploring, help them set internal and external boundaries and learn how to respond in the events of abuse. The program includes a lectures for teachers and parents, workshops for children and adolescents (adapted to each age group),  and joint parent- children workshops.

Sexual Abuse Prevention Community Programs

Stopping child sexual abuse is the responsibility of the entire community. The program includes workshops with the parents and the children of each age-group, concluding with a performance for the entire community. We can raise the awareness of the unacceptability of child sexual abuse and learn what we can do to decrease and even prevent abuse.

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