"Protect our children"

Child sexual abuse and harassment exist everywhere, in every society, school or community. Children who have learnt to become empowered, together with adults who are potential guardians, can create a community in which predators are afraid to operate..


Programs for Sexual Harassment prevention in Elementary Schools

In the school program the  Children, Staff and Parents will develop tools to

create a safer and more communicative enviroment for children

Programs for Adolescents/ High Schoolers

So that our Sexual development will be a special and positive experience we need to learn more about healthy sexuality, different challenges and safety rules.

Programs for Pre-Schoolers

Preschool is an opportunity to educate our children about healthy sexuality and rules regarding safety rules.This is the time to develop an initial perception of privacy, personal space..

Internet Safety- Kids & Families

The Internet has many advantages but also creates various challenges for children..


Community programs

Stopping child sexual abuse is the responsibility of the entire community. The program includes..

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Conservative Sectors- Jewish Orthodox & Arab

We offer a series of lectures and workshops for parents, school staffs, adolescence, children and preschoolers with the appropriate sensitivity..

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