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Latet Pe was founded 5 years ago with the objective of minimizing sexual abuse and harassment in schools and communities in Israel. We specialize in unique educational programs which empower children and assist adults in creating healthy, simple and positive discourse on the sensitive issue of sexuality and sexual abuse in accordance with the values of their community.


The Issue: ​Sexual abuse has become a major problem in every sector in Israel. It is estimated that one out of five children are abused. Sexual predators depend on secrecy and concealment surrounding issues of sexuality and abuse within communities to install feelings of shame and guilt in the children they abuse, thus insuring their silence .

The effect sexual abuse has on children is immense and will have a negative lifetime effect on the emotional and mental development. Studies show that children who dare to share abuse they experienced can be healed and lead healthy lives, but sadly, most of those who are abused will not tell.   


The solution: ​Children who learn to talk about their bodies in a healthy manner become empowered, and together with adults, who are potential guardians, can create a community in which predators are afraid to operate. International studies show that Children exposed to a child sexual abuse prevention programmes had greater odds of disclosing their abuse than children who had not been exposed.


We offer 4 main educational programs.:

  1. Elementary school- Working with parents, teachers and students.

  2. Preschoolers- Working with Staff, parents and a joint session of parents and children.

  3. Community- Working with Adults, youth and joint sessions of parents and children.

  4. Haredi community-Training school and community leaders to deliver workshops adapted to the Haredi community.

  5. We are currently developing a program for schools in Arab communitIes in israel.


Latet Pe provides adults responsible for children, and the children themselves, with knowledge, practical tools and skills to deal with sexual abuse. At the end of the process there is a theatrical show with skits and songs creating a kind of celebration of safeness. The main message of the show is that the subject of Sexual safeness is “on the table” and that the adults around you are able to deal with any case of abuse and be there for you.


Impact: Our team consists of 40 talented and experienced instructors from various sectors& backgrounds. To date, Latet Pe has reached more than 130,000 parents, teachers and students in more than 350 schools, youth movements and communities throughout the country. Every year we reach approx 40,000 children & parents and give them the strength to become more safe. At the end of the program, Teachers and parents attest that they actively initiate dialogue with the children on issues of sexual safeness and healthy sexuality, thus becoming an address for the children on these issues and a central element in increasing community protection.

Our staff constantly adapts the program to the particular needs of the schools and communities. Many schools (especially in the jewish religious or arab sectors) have specific requests regarding the way to approach sexual issues, making us an "always learning- always changing" program. We use the information we receive to make the program more relevant and effective.

Ran Yehoshua


Co-founder of the program, educator, actor and musician. Instructor on healthy sexuality and media

מור לאתר.JPG
Mor Ofir

Coordinator of Training and Content Development


 Parents and groups  instructor, healthy sexuality& sexual abuse prevention lecturer


Ashira Finn Coordinator and Administrative 

 Student of Social Work at the Hebrew University

Shneor Walker

founder of

Dare To Share


Founder of Latet- Pe/ Dare To Share, is a practicing drama therapist in Israel and a noted practitioner in the field of child sexual abuse. Shneor is the educational director of the program.


Our Partners

קרן יוסף וקריסטינה קסירר



The workshops and lectures gave us the knowledge and tools to cope with sexual issues which till now were taboo in a responsible and an empathetic way.

Jonah Sheffi, Principal.

We wanted our high school students to to be more open with us about issues involving their sexuality. This program proved itself very effective, addressing sexual development, relationships and abuse, the staff managed to involve both students and teachers so that the communication has continued even after the conclusion of the program.

Gershonit Malka, High School Educational Counceolor.


It was very important to us that the staff of LATET PE is not only professional but also religious, they understood the nuances of the community and were the respect they showed to us gave us the courage to make the necessary changes in the community.  

Yonit Damari, Parent.


LATET PE’s programs were not only critically important, actually they we even fun. The entire school and community feels now safer and more connected to each other.

Yishai Rosenblatt, Teacher.

The child sexual abuse prevention program for children and adults in our community were strightforward but at the same time positive. Latet Pe gave us not only knowledge but also the healthy approach to touch such an issue.

Ranya, Teacher, East Jerusalem.


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